At Market CFD, we offer two types of CFDs for most of our markets.

CFDs have no pre-defined expiry date. Our CFD contracts offer tight spreads and are available on a range of markets including equities and non-equities.

Tight spreads:
You have to pay a commission fee when you open or close an equity CFD position with us. You don’t have to pay commission on commodities, currencies and indices.
Overnight Finance Costs
Overnight dividends adjustment
Profits/Losses realised on exit of trade

Futures CFDs

There is no separate commission or financing charge or dividend adjustment for CFD Futures Trades. All our charges are included in our spreads. This is why our futures CFD trades have wider spreads.
Non-equities only
No overnight dividends adjustment
Profit/Loss realised on exit of the trade or the expiry date.
Longer term trades. It is possible to roll futures contracts at a charge (usually half our dealing spread).


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